We are researching the Ripon Role of Honour for the First World War.

The Society is at present carrying out research on the Ripon Roll of Honour for the First World War and would like to mark the 100 years anniversary of the start of the conflict by an event in 2014.

Local newspapers have already been searched and information from these will be included.

We would appreciate any help regarding men from the Ripon area as regards photographs or any biographical information to supplement our research.

Please contact Derek Edmondson at derek.edmondson@btinternet.com if you are able to help.

Although many men passed through Ripon Camp during the course of the War, we have no record of names of them at any given time. We have, however, a transcript of the Military graves in Ripon Cemetery and details of many shown on the Ripon Roll of Honour.

The photograph above show men on “spud-bashing” duty.